✉ Employee under scanner in Goregaon murder case ✉

Wine shop owner was shot dead by masked men on Sunday
An employee of Goregaon Wines, whose owner Sajnisingh Chawla was gunned down by masked men on Sunday night, is under scanner in the murder case.
Chawla was shot dead as he was heading to his car after shutting the shop for the day. The assailants fled with Chawla’s bag containing the day’s earnings of ₹4 lakh in cash. Investigating officers said the employee is being questioned to ascertain if he was involved in the murder.
An officer, who is part of the investigation, said, “We need to verify if the employee’s version about the sequence of events is correct. The modus operandi of the killers that he has described is not in sync with a robbery. Usually, robbers do not carry firearms while targetting people carrying large amounts of cash. They are armed with daggers or choppers, which they use to scare victims or take them on if they put up a fight.”
Another officer said, “Shooting Chawla first and then fleeing with his bag is unusual as those who commit robberies are unwilling to face a charge as serious as murder.” The police are trying to find out if there was a motive for the employee to kill Chawla. Inquiries are being made with other employees at the store to find out if relations between Chawla and the suspect were strained.
The officer said, “The other discrepancy is that robbers usually travel on motorbikes and not on foot. Bikes help them to flee quickly. We are checking the CCTV footage of the area to see if we can identify the two men involved in the attack.”
The police are questioning Chawla’s family members to find out if he had any enemies who could have been behind the murder.
Source – The Hindu