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Vidhi Serial Wiki, Title Song, Serial cast, Actor, Actress Real Names

Vidhi Serial Wiki, Title Song, Serial cast, Actor, Actress Real Names:

Vidhi – A superb comeback for Sreeja after her debut in Bommalattam serial. It was initially not so good to see her in salwar as she used to look goregous in Bommalattam in each and every scene after she got married to Santhosh in Bommalattam serial. The main actors include Sreeja, Jegathish, Ravi Raj, Reshmi and Anu.

Vidhi serial timings – Monday to Saturday 1:00 PM.

Vidhi Serial Wiki, Title Song, Serial cast, Actor, Actress Real Names
Vidhi Serial Wiki, Title Song, Serial cast, Actor, Actress Real Names
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Vidhi serial has replaced the Nijangal show that was being hosted by actress Kushboo. Nijangal programme was telecasted between 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM. Later it was replaced by two serials and one of them is Vidhi. Vidhi got hit immediately among the people as the actress is Bommalattam fame Sreeja. She is the main reason for this serial to attract many people from day one. It raised the curiosity among the audience because of roping in Sreeja.

Vidhi Serial Wiki, Title Song, Serial cast, Actor, Actress Real Names:


Vidhi serial Nila real name is Sreeja. The character is played by the one and only Sreeja, the bommalattam Bharathi. She is the heroine of this serial. She gets married to Raghu who was engaged to Mythili before. Both the parents of Nila and Raghu got distressed by their marriage. Nila is a doctor in this serial.


Vidhi serial Raghu real name is Jegathish. He has made his debut in “Anagarigam”, a Tamil film, followed by Adida Melam and Oru Kal Oru Kannadi. He has also acted in the below serials in addition to Vidhi.

  • Kalyana Parisu
  • Annakodiyum Aindhu Pengalum
  • Bhairavi
Other characters along with their real names:

Character name  – Real name

Azhagesan  – Bombay Babu. He plays the father role of Nila character.
Maragadham – Revathy Shankar
Dhinesh – Surjith Ansary. He plays the brother role of Nila character and son of Azhagesan character.
Punithavathi – Devipriya
Mythili – Haripriya
Chithra – Anu. She plays the sister role of character Raghu.
Malar real name – Shareen Thaha – sister character of Raghu.
Kumaran real name – Sharath Chandra – brother in law of Raghu character – also husband character of Malar character.
Uvasri – Mother character of Raghu.

Other details of Vidhi serial:

Director – K.Shiva
Creative director – A. Guru Baran
Production – San Media Limited
Lyricist of title song – Vairamuthu
Title song – Vidhiye Vidhiye
Music composer of Title song – Dhina
Title song singers – Karthik and Rita

Check making of Vidhi serial here.

Enjoy Vidhi serial promo here in the link – Vidhi Serial Promo

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Sun TV Serial List

SUN TV Serial List – Watch Your Favourite South Indian Programmes on Sun TV:

Sun TV network is the largest media group in India, combining the power of 33 TV channels. The channels are patronised by more than 95 million households in the country. You can watch the channels of Sun TV in 27 different countries, including Canada. Europe, Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia,ch Sri Lanka, Malaysia and the USA. In this article, you can know the SUN TV serial list.

Sun TV Serial List

Sun TV Serial List:

You can find the SUN TV serial list below and the timings.

Sun tv serial list #1 – Ival Oru Thodarkathai:

Time – 9:30 AM airs on every Monday to Saturday

The story of Ival Oru Thodarkathai revolves around the heroine character names Pavithra. She stands for justice and her character is portrayed as a brave woman. All of a sudden, the story takes a twist. Pavithra is not married but becomes pregnant. The story goes on how she takes things forward bravely.

Sun tv serial list #2 –Yamuna:

Timing – 10:00 AM Every Monday to Saturday

The story revolves around the amazing actress Banu Priya who is doing single parenting of her daughter. Actor Suresh is also part of this serial. 

Sun tv serial list #3 –Nandini:

Timing 10:30 AM and 9:00PM. Airs on every Monday to Saturday.

The serial Nandhini is aired in the prime time, exactly at 9:00 PM every Monday to Saturday.

SUN TV Nandhini is one of the super hit supernatural serials in Tamil. The story is about how a good spirit protects a family that is haunted by a snake.

Nandhini serial is also telecasted in few more SUN network channels like Gemini TV, Udaya TV, Surya TV in addition to SUN TV. It is one of the big-budgeted serial. The interesting fact is the producers of this serial are Actor and director Sundar C and his wife Actress Khushboo.

Main actors – Khushboo as Parvati/Siva Naagam, Rahul Ravi as Arun, Malavika Wales as Janaki Arun, Nithya Ram as Ganga Arun and Baby Adhitri as Devasena Arun.

Sun tv serial list #4 – Apoorva Raagangal:

Timing – 11:00 AM Airs on every Monday to Saturday.

Thendral Fame Thulasi is the main character of this serial Apoorva Raagangal. Her real name is Shruthi Raj. The Purple Productions is producing this serial. Main characters are Pavithra, Dev and Sanjay. 

Actress Shruthi Raj plays the character of Pavithra. Mithun plays the character of Dev.

Watch Apoorva Raagangal Title Song here!!

Sun tv serial list #5 – Maragatha Veenai:

Timing – 11:30 AM Airs every Monday to Saturday.

The initial timing for this serial was 12:30 PM. After introducing few more new serials, the timing of Maragatha Veenai was changed to 11:30 AM.

Santhoshi is the main actress in this serial. She is playing the Divya character. Kumar, Sangeetha and Raja are the other main casts in this serial.

Sun tv serial list #6 – Sumangali:

Timing – 12:00 PM Every Monday to Saturday

Sumangali serial revolves around the character Anu who is a poor and broad-minded girl. Actress Divya is playing the character of Anu. The character Santhosh is very rich and his character is exact opposite to that of Anu. The story is about how Anu and Santhosh take their life after marriage.

Sun tv serial list #7 – Mahalakshmi:

Timing – 12:30 PM

Actress Kavya Shastry is playing the lead role in this serial. Her character name is Mahalakshmi. The story is about her life after marrying the hero. She has to face the challenges from the aunt of hero.

Sun tv serial list #8 – Vidhi:

Timing – 1:00 PM

The story revolves around the character Nila and his husband who have to face challenges after getting married against their parents’ wish. The character Nila is played by Bommalattam fame Srija. She is playing a doctor role in this serial. The character who was about to marry the hero takes revenge as she was not able to get married to the character after their engagement.

Sun tv serial list #9 – Thamarai:

Timing – 1:30 PM

Thamarai replaced the super-hit serial Ilavarasi once it got over. Actress Neelima Rani plays the lead role in this serial. The creative director is Mrs.Radhika Sarathkumar. The character name of Neelima is Sneha. She gets married to her cousin Dhwarakesh. The story line mainly revolves around her family.

Sun tv serial list #10 – Chandralekha:

Timing – 2:00 PM

Chandralekha serial revolves around the characters Chandra and Lekha who got exchanged after birth by an accident. Shwetha Bhandekar plays the character of Chandra and Nagasree GS plays the character of Lekha. Arun Kumar Rajan, Jai Dhanush, Sravan Rajesh, Meena Kumari, Rishi, Saakshi Siva play other important roles.

Watch the making of Chandralekha title song. The magical voice is by Anuradha Sriram.

Sun tv serial list #11 – Kalyana Parisu:

Timing – 2:30 PM

The serial Kalyana Parisu revolves around the characters Subbu, Gayathri and their husband character Surya. Surya loves Gayathri but ends up in getting married to Subbu by the sacrifice of Gayathri character. By chance, he gets married to Gayathri also. 

Sun tv serial list #12 – Valli:

Timing – 3:00 PM Airs on every Monday to Saturday.

Initially, this serial was telecasted at 2:00 PM. After the launch of Chandralekhas serial, this serial was pushed to 3:00 PM. Vidhya Mohan plays the character of Valli and Vennila. Rani plays the character of Indrasena.

Sun tv serial list #13 – Keladi Kanmani:

Timing – 6:00 PM

Watch the promo of Keladi Kanmani Serial here:

Sun tv serial list #14 – Ganga:

Timing – 6:30 PM

The serial Ganga is another super natural serial. Actress Piyali P.Munsi plays the lead role. Pradeep Bennetto Ryan, Anuradha and Yuvarani play other significant roles.

Sun tv serial list #15 – Kula Deivam:

Timing – 7:30 PM

Kula Deivam is another super hit serial in Sun TV. The story is produced by Metti Oli serial Fame Thiru Pictures. The director is Mani. The main actors are Srithika, Moulee and Vadivukkarasi.

Sun tv serial list #16 – Deiva Magal:

Timing – 8:00 PM

Deiva Magal is a super-hit story and it is being telecasted at 8:00 PM everyday. The story revolves around the characters Sathya, Prakash and Gayathri. Gayathri wants to acquire the wealth of the family and the battle begins.

Sun tv serial list #17 – Vamsam:

Timing – 8:30 PM.

The lead actress of the serial Vamsam is none other than actress Ramya Krishnan. She plays the character of Archana who is an IAS officer.  The story revolves mainly around the family issues.

Sun tv serial list #18 – Nandhini:

Timing – 9:00 PM

Sun tv serial list #19 – Vani Rani:

Timing – 9:30 PM every Monday to Saturday.

Vani Rani needs no introduction. Mrs.Radhika Sarathkumar plays a dual role in this serial named Vani and Rani. Radaan Mediaworks is produced this serial and the serial is directed by O.N.Rathnam.

The story revolves about the twins character Vani and Rani, both are played by Actress Radhika Sarath herself.

Check the real names of the actors and actress of Vani Rani serial here – Vani Rani serial cast.

The other significant actors are Venu Arvind, Babloo Prithiviraj, Shanthi Williams, Arun Kumar Rajan, Neelima Rani, Navya Swamy, Vignesh Kumar, Ravikumar and Maanasa Chavali.

Watch Vani Rani Title Song here:

Sun tv serial list #20 – Priyamanaval:

Timing – 10:00 PM Airs every Monday to Saturday.

Priyamanaval serial revolves around the character Uma, her husband Krishna and her four sons. The character Uma is played by the actress Praveena and the Krishna character is played by Subalekha Sudhakar.

To know the real names of the characters check Priyamanaval serial cast.

Watch Priyamanaval Title Song here.

Sun TV network endeavours to deliver to you a complete package in entertainment. It is proud of its wide reach and rich patronage. Whatever it is that you want to enjoy – news, entertainment, sports, movies, anything, Sun TV is always the first to provide you with wholesome enjoyment. Whatever might be happening in South India, its always first on Sun TV. Strengthened by 33 of the most happening channels in the South, commanding 4 regional languages, Sun TV network has a connection with the Deccan world that encompasses any geographical barriers.

Sun TV Network – Boasting of a Story of Success:

Sun TV has come a long way in carving a strong niche in its favour in the world of TV media in India. They command a phenomenal viewership, making each of its programmes a superhit, every single of its channels the numero – uno in the southern world. For the millions of viewers all over te world watching the various programmes on Sun TV, it’s a regular feast, an everyday journey through the magical world of entertainment and information through the TV media.

The Groups of Television Channels Under Sun TV Network:

With the backup of 33 channels in 4 different languages, Sun TV network touches more hearts in the whole world than any single entity. Every channel presents a right mix of entertainment and education. There are:

·         Films

·         Super hit serials

·         Talk – shows

·         Children’s time

·         Special shows for women

·         Sports programmes

·         Special programmes targeted for the rural community

·         Programmes for the benefit of the youth

·         News programmes

·         Reality shows

·         Game shows

The Leading Programmes on Tamil Channels – An Introduction

Sun TV Channel is the leading TV Channel for news and entertainment in Tamil. Some of the most happening programmes in the channel include:

·         Kutty Chutties – The programme, featuring children answering in funny and innocent lines to questions asked by the host Imman Annachi

·         Chinna Papa Periya Papa – This comedy soap revolves around the hilarious activities of Chinna Papa and her daughters – in – law who always get into problematic situations due to their foolish acts.

·         Sun Singer – A music – based programme, in which the host Gangaiamaram gets children to highlight their talents in music. The show is judged by Krish and Anuradha.

·         Super Challenge – It is a reality or game show where actors and actresses from mega serials form groups and play entertaining games to make the audience laugh like crazy

·         Sollungane Sollunga – It is again a comedy show that shows the ignorance of the common man about every day societal issues. The programme is hosted by Iman Annachi

·         Jai Hanuman – A leading serial shown on the channel. Some other leading serials include Vamsam, Deiva Magal, Vani Rani, Valli and Bhairavi.

·         Nagaichuvai Galatta – This hilarious comedy show brings to you clippings from Tamil movies that will actually set you rolling with laughter.

·         Thirai Thendral – A collection of superhit plybacks from popular Tamil Movies. Can help you spend the night in contentment.

·         Bhakthi Padalgal – want to start your day with a religious fervour? This religious TV show will present to you devotional songs that will help you say your prayers in the morning.

·         Maragatha Veenai – A family drama, where you can watch the grit of Divya, who fights against all atrocities against her.